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Situated in the south central area of GuangDong, the city of DongGuan is on the east bank of ZhuJiang estuary. It is 50 kilometers north to GuangZhou and 90 kilometers south to ShenZhen. By water it is 47 sea miles from Hongkong and 48 sea miles from Macau. It is an indispensible pass of the two cities GuangZhou and Hongkong on land or water. The land area of the city is 2465square kilo-miters, in September 1985, DongGuan was upgraded from town level to city level. In January 1988 it was be a prefecture-level city, governing 32 towns and districs, 594 villages. DongGuan has more than 1.5 million residents, 5 million emigrators. It alao has over 700,000 emigrators in Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan while over 200,000 in foreign countries. It is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in GuangDong.
It is warm in DongGuan and has rich resources. The annual average temperature is 23.3oC and the annual average rainfall is 1614.5 millimeters. The land slopes are hills, mesas and alluvial plains. DongGuan has mountains and seas and the sea line is 115.94 kilometers.
DongGuan is an old city in GuangDong with relic-proven history dates back some 5000 years. Over 150 years ago, LinZexu destroyed opium in Humen of DongGuan, which starts the modern histroy of China. During the war time, DongGuan is one of the revolutionary bases of DongJiang Column.
DongGuan is an excellent tourist city in china. As a city famous for its history and culture in GuangDong, it possesses abundant tourist resources of scenic and historic interest areas, e.g. the site of the opium-destroying pool, the Shajiao emplacement, the Weiyuan emplacement and other opium war sites. Keyuan Garden, one of the four famous gardens in GuangDong, is also the best know tourist place in DongGuan.
National character and style
1. Dragon Boat Contest
Every year on the fifth of May of the Lunar Month, every towns and districs will hold all kinds of ^Dragon Boat Festival  ̄ and ^Dragon Boat Contest ̄. Shilong, Huangcun, Wanjiang, Daojiao towns are more famous.
2. Lychee Festival
Lychee in DongGuan is named as ^Fruit King ̄. During the June ang July when lychee matured, every town will hold ^Lychee Festival ̄. On that tiime we can enjoy excellent entertainment performance and trading activies and so on. More attractive thing is tourists and guests can taste the most famous lychee. Dalang, Liaobu, Changping,Shijie, Shilong towns as main productive area have more characteristics.
3. Rice Feast
According to the customs, DongGuan is well-known as a town rich in fish, rice and fruit. Alternating Summer and Autumn, rice flowers smell well and rice golden. Riceworms, carps and ricebirds which eating rice for food of this season have grown fat. So people catch them for cooking to serve the fuests. It is commonly known as ^Sanhe Banquet ̄ and has a unique flavor. Daojiao town is the famous for it .
Shopping guide
DongGuan city main shopping market
 Name  Address
 wal mart shopping market  East city vertical main road
 Metro  Wan Jiangqu South China mole